TO-DO Planner 

TO-DO Planner is a feature-rich local app to manage todo's by projects and modules and display them in a custom weekly calender.

The Task

Design and development of a native Android app - "free" choice of theme

The goal is the realization of an Android app, from the initial product idea to LowFi and HiFi prototypes to the implementation of the complete application.

In this project, we decided to develop a todo planner app, that gives us more functionality than just writing down todo's, for example to manage the todo's by projects and manage projects by module, but keep it simple enough to not implement a whole project planning tool.

Design Sketches

Design SketchDesign Sketch

Design Low-Fi

Design Sketch Low-FiDesign Sketch Low-Fi

Design High-Fi

Design Sketch High-FiDesign Sketch High-Fi