Freezer Music Player 

A feature-rich music player app using Jetpack Compose, Kotlin and Deezer API.

The Task: MusicPlayer for Deezer

Design and implement a MusicPlayer for Deezer as a native Android app.

This is an individual project. Mutual support is welcome (preferably via posting in teams). If individual functions are developed jointly, this must be marked accordingly in the code. Otherwise it will be assessed as plagiarism.

The app shown in class is only one possible implementation of the desired range of functions. You can adopt this UI or implement your own design, for example as developed in the uidC module.


  • Search by album, by song, display of radio stations and management of favorite songs.
  • Display of the list of songs found.
  • Display of the list of albums found and the list of songs on an album.
  • Display the list of songs of a radio station.
  • Display the list of favorite songs.
  • Play, pause songs in a song list. Play a song again from the beginning. Skip to the next song.
  • Using the Deezer API.
  • The UI is to be implemented completely with Jetpack Compose.
  • The implementation language for the entire application is Kotlin.
  • Libraries other than those used in class are not permitted.


Design SketchDesign Sketch